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"Things that cannot screen for breast cancer" featured on Buzzfeed, The Laughing Squid, The Daily Kos, The Daily, The Democratic Underground,, The Austinist, and MSNBC's Up With Chris Hayes (39:38 timestamp).
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Press Features on Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling (SVRG, December 2011-March 2012)


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Amaris is "an appealing performer who sets out to retrace the steps of 'Swimming to Cambodia'... She ably dramatizes herself and comments on the human effects of war...The tricky part of paying homage to Gray is that since he fixated on himself with an intense commitment, the idea of making a show that's not all about him but employs his style seems almost a paradox. Ms. Amaris solves this problem by smartly using Gray as a starting point... Carrying herself with beaming enthusiasm and a mischievous sense of humor, she has a flirtatious manner... and more of an interest than her model in the world outside the performer's head."

Named CRITIC'S PICK, Swimming to Spalding is "a riveting piece of theater" with "some of the most powerful indictments of contemporary warfare that have been on stage in recent memory... Under Richard Schechner's direction, the performer brings these [characters] to life ably. With the support of Lucian Ban's continually impressive soundscape and Melissa Mizell's gently atmospheric lighting design, Amaris delivers a terrific companion piece to Gray's original."